Blur Filter: Modifying an Image Algorithmically

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In this example we use math functions to create a blurred copy of an image. The way we will blur the image is by scrambling pixels that are near each other.

We begin by creating a blank image and writing the loop to let us color each pixel in the image. For each pixel we will do one of two things: half the time, we will simply copy the pixel from the old picture into the new picture without changing anything. The other half of the time we will find a pixel nearby and copy that one instead.

Now we must figure out how to find a "nearby" pixel. We will define some value for how far away the new pixel will be (we used 10 pixels) and then we write a function that will give a (x,y) point that is a random amount between 0 and 10 pixels away in each direction. Before we use the new (x,y) point, we must check to be sure it is still a valid pixel position in the image. For example, we may be at a pixel that is on the very top of the image. Our random point generator tells us to go up by 3 pixels, but since we are on the top of the image (y = 0) we cannot very well go up by three pixels (y would be -3)! If the random number is too big (larger than the dimension -1) or too small (less than 0) then we will just use the closest number that is valid.

Once we have a valid pixel that is some amount away we use its red, green, and blue values as the new pixel's values.

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// blur by moving random pixels function ensureInImage (coordinate, size) { // coordinate cannot be negative if (coordinate < 0) { return 0; } // coordinate must be in range [0 .. size-1] if (coordinate >= size) { return size - 1; } return coordinate; } function getPixelNearby (image, x, y, diameter) { var dx = Math.random() * diameter - diameter / 2; var dy = Math.random() * diameter - diameter / 2; var nx = ensureInImage(x + dx, image.getWidth()); var ny = ensureInImage(y + dy, image.getHeight()); return image.getPixel(nx, ny); } var image = new SimpleImage("duvall.jpg"); var output = new SimpleImage(image.getWidth(), image.getHeight()); for (var pixel of image.values()) { var x = pixel.getX(); var y = pixel.getY(); if (Math.random() > 0.5) { var other = getPixelNearby(image, x, y, 10); output.setPixel(x, y, other); } else { output.setPixel(x, y, pixel); } } print(output);

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