Java Project Resources

Downloading and Running a BlueJ Project

  1. Download the ZIP file for the project linked below (you do not need to expand it).
  2. Within BlueJ, choose the File menu and select "Open Project".
  3. Select the downloaded ZIP file and choose "Open".
  4. The code and data files for the project are now ready to be used.

Examples From Videos and Quizzes

Cryptography: Keeping Information Secret

Implementing the Caesar Cipher

Video: Character Class

Video: Translating to Code

Video: Testing and Debugging

Breaking the Caesar Cipher

Video: Introduction

Video: Random Numbers and Arrays

Video: Counting with Arrays

Programming Exercise: Breaking the Caesar Cipher

Practice Quiz: Breaking the Caesar Cipher


Graded Quiz: Cryptography

GladLibs: Stories from Templates

Telling a Random Story

Video: ArrayList

Video: Unique Words

Video: Advantages and Issues

Programming Exercise: Stories from Templates

Practice Quiz: Stories from Templates

Using and Improving GladLibs

Programming Exercise: Using GladLibs

Video: HashMap for Unique Words

Programming Exercise: Improving GladLibs

Practice Quiz: Using and Improving GladLibs


Graded Quiz: GladLibs

Web Server Logs: From Logs to Visits

Reading Log Files

Video: LogEntry Class with toString

Programming Exercise: Reading Log Files

Finding Unique IP Addresses

Programming Exercise: Finding Unique IP Addresses

Practice Quiz: Finding Unique IP Addresses

Counting Website Visits

Programming Exercise: Counting Website Visits

Practice Quiz: Counting Website Visits


Quiz: Web Server Logs

MiniProject: Vigenère Cipher

Breaking the Vigenère Cipher

Programming Exercise: Known Language and Key Length

Practice Quiz: Known Language and Key Length

Practice Quiz: Unknown Key Length

Quiz: Breaking the Vigenère Cipher